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Mass Effect: Andromeda - What’s the Hype, Anyway?


GUEST - After waiting five years, Mass Effect fans look to the stars in anticipation of the newest expansion. Recently, NASA announced the discovery of seven “exoplanets.” For some video game fans, it was reminiscent of Andromeda, the next unexplored galaxy in the latest installment in BioWare's Mass Effect series. 

The Effect

Mass Effect was released 2007, riding on the coattails of its spiritual predecessor, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. Character development, moral choices, and an expansive universe made for an emotional and involving gaming experience. It was received warmly by fans and critics. Mass Effect 2 is often cited as one of the “greatest games of all time” harboring over 70 perfect review scores on Metacritic. 

Side quests become much more important and affects the outcome of the game. The success of Mass Effect 2 set the bar high for the last of the trilogy, Mass Effect 3.

Two years after Mass Effect 2 won the hearts of even more fans, Mass Effect 3 was released to the public, receiving mixed reviews from all. It still ranks highly on Metacritic but user reviews were much more critical. After years of invested emotion, dedication, and a promised “epic conclusion,” fans felt betrayed and hurt by the actual lackluster ending. DLC added better endings, but Mass Effect 2 is still often tagged a disappointment.


Fans rejoiced. June, 2015 Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced. New game, new character, new galaxy, new enemy, new aliens. This is what we’ve been waiting for, same Bioware creativity, new story. 

I was apprehensive about embracing a new Mass Effect game. Without my character, the Commander Shepard I imported from the save file from each previous title, I was worried the game might feel disconnected from the series I grew to know and love. 

News, screenshots, and announcements made headlines, my curiosity and excitement peaked. With the announcement of new species of alien, I was charged. Of course my first question, as with all other  Mass Effect fans was: ...but can I bang them?

The answer? Yes. 

In this game, humanity has been traveling 600 years to find a new galaxy to inhabit. You character, either Scott or Sarah Ryder, is in charge of exploring the different and expansive array of planets dotting the new Andromeda Galaxy. 

What’s All The Excitement For?

I’m a gamer stuck in the deja vu of replaying the same games from the last decade. Beginning a new game is hard, finishing one almost impossible. A familiar game and familiar lore seems like a relief and a breath of fresh air to me. 

However I was utterly disappointed by Bethesda’s Fallout 4… Only time can tell and I am honestly counting the days down to March 21st.