Fri, Sep

Mark Farrell Proposes Toll Road in San Francisco


Supervisor Mark Farrell wants to impose a toll on Lombard Street. Lombard Street is known for its quirky curves that draw over 2 million visitors a year. This same attention causes a detrimental effect on the residential neighborhood surrounding it.

According to Farrell, "It is difficult to underestimate the frustration and anger in the neighborhood over the status quo...It is simply unlivable."

The toll amount has been floated between $100 and $5, but any toll sanctions off areas of the city for those who have influence over city politics. 

A proposed toll requires installation of gates and further infrastructure that will not pay for itself, especially if the initial intent of limiting traffic succeeds. In the end, the city is using public resources to benefit a small, but well-off, interest group. Furthermore, if the toll is enacted, other neighborhoods across San Francisco will want the same; and instead of a unified city, we have little gated communities.

San Francisco doesn't need to give privileges to the well-off. And, if you don't like living on Lombard Street, you can always move.