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SF Tech Beat Endorses Hillary Clinton for the November Election


Some people say that I’m the last to hold out. The staunch California Republican who can’t stand to vote for this politician. The Democrats can say everything they want about Hillary Clinton, but who she is will never change. I’ll never like her as a person, but that’s okay. Her job isn’t to win the country’s appeal, her job is to represent a nation. 

On Thursday, I tuned in to Clinton's acceptance speech on Twitch in jocality; more interested in the live banter than the content itself. But as Clinton began her speech, it became apparent that she believes in what she’s doing; and despite her methods, she’s been fighting for it longer than my lifetime. 

As she continued, I realized that her tone greatly contradicted the convention in Cleveland. It wasn’t about a country in peril waiting to be rescued, it was a message of optimism and unity. It called for an America that believes in the struggles of our people and accepted a world that could be better. It was a story of national pride. 

There are always problems throughout our country, but when a candidate speaks of a fearful future, instead of a prideful potential, he is not a true American. 

Our country is not defined by freedom, liberty, or any of the other catchphrases out there, America is defined by the cultures and ideologies of her people. We are a nation that respects others, but will fight to our last breath for what is right. We are a diverse country of acceptance, because strength comes from unity. Strength comes from Americans, together. 

Though I still dislike her as a person, I want to live in a  country that believes in herself, a country that upholds herself to the highest standards. A country where our children know and understand that Americans are good people. There is no point to winning, if we win without pride. Like Clinton said,

“America wins, because America is good.”