Fri, Sep

Support San Francisco's Street Musicians


Street musicians bring livelihood to our city and we should support them. On Saturday, I picked up my guitar and went busking in Union Square. I heard somewhere that these street musicians make up to $10-$15 an hour. I was completely wrong. People won't pay for something if they can get it for free, also known as the Free Rider Problem.

Street musicians provide a lot of culture to their vicinity, and if we don't support them, they'll go away. While I was busking, I met many people who were tapping their feet and doing other little oddities that indicated their enjoyment. My favorite instance was when a little girl of two starting dancing, that really made my day. I ended up making one dollar after an hour of busking. The money mattered little to me, as I was just hanging out in Union Square enjoying my Saturday; however, some might not be as fortunate. These musicians are providing significant value in terms of entertainment, and we must support them. As a citizen, I'd rather spend a dollar on live street music, than a fourth of a Philz Coffee.

If you enjoy live music, please donate. Whether it's a dollar or some loose change, you are a patron of San Francisco's culture. These musicians bring soul to the streets of our city.