Fri, Sep

SF Tech Beat Endorses John Kasich for President


John started his career in the Ohio senate at the age of 26, quickly followed by 9 terms as a representative for Ohio's 12th district. Afterwards, he spent a decade as a banker before winning the governorship of Ohio. A fiscally conservative, socially moderate Republican, John has a good heart and a maturity that seems absent in the current field. I hope he stays and fight, because the longer he stays on stage, the less revolting the Republican Party becomes. As Democrats envelope most of the moderates in America, the only way to win the Republican primary is to shift further to the right than the next guy. At this stage, I can't vote for any of the elephants in the room, so I might as well vote for a donkey; because either of them is better than a rabble-rouser who prides on anger rather than resolution.

John, I like you, and I think you have the right heart to be the leader of the free world. I don't agree with some of your policies and I know you are attributing Ohio's recovery more to yourself than to the business cycle, (seriously, which state didn't gain a trillion jobs from 2009-2015). Even if you don't win, please run until the very end. Without you, our ticket consists of a bigot, a sleazebag, and a chump. At least we can have one sensible adult in the room.