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Ossic Headphones sell 13,000 Pre-order Units


Ossic is a technology company based in San Francisco that develops the Ossic X, 3D audio headphones. The headphones calibrate to the user and detect head motions to produce accurate spatial audio. I tried a demo, it works as intended. 


Jason Riggs, CEO of Ossic, said on February 28th in private that the Ossic X sold 13,000 units. The Ossic X is listed at roughly $300 pre-order and $500 MSRP. The headphones are used in addition to VR headsets for gaming, but can be used independently for 3D audio. Ossic is working on a plugin that will allow its 3D audio technology to be inlaid into other devices. 

Ossic X is a luxury headphones built with 3D capabilities. 3D audio is gaining ground in the entertainment and education industries, because it makes the experience more enjoyable.