Fri, Sep

The Full Stack for Marketing Analytics


Last week I got to talk with Christopher Farm with Tenjin. Tenjin provides a full-stack marketing analytics platform that combines attribution, ad network aggregation, and analytics. In other words, they help mobile marketers find their ROI on campaigns.

Attribution in marketing is the process of attributing sales to the source of marketing that brought in the user. Most companies use a variety of digital marketing platform and it’s hard to define which channel attributed to the final user acquisition. 

The current market standard is the last touch model, where the last shown advertisement before the user acquisition is attributed with the majority of the sale. However, there are flaws in this model which discount prior interactions that led to the final sale. In the near future, a better algorithm is needed to capture attribution at all points of interaction. For example, some advertisements are better at imprinting a brand image, while others are better at pushing the final sale. 

The attributions described above are captured by an advertising ID, embedded into most phone softwares. This common feature is used for targeted advertising; think of it like your Driver’s License number but for your phone. This ID isn’t permanent and can be reset.

Once the data is retrieved and aggregated, Tenjin provides users with their own data warehouse and analytics software to visualize the KPI’s of their campaign. Tenjin combines attribution, aggregation, and analysis services into a single full stack marketing solution.