• Europe's Mars probe destroyed after plunging to surface

    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Images taken by a NASA Mars orbiter indicate that a missing European space probe was destroyed on impact after plummeting to the surface of the Red Planet from a height of 2-4 km (1.2 to 2.5 miles), the European Space Agency said on Friday.

  • AT&T in advanced talks to buy Time Warner: sources

    (Reuters) - AT&T Incis in advanced talks to acquire Time Warner Inc , sources said on Friday, a potential blockbuster deal analysts predicted could be worth almost $100 billion that would give the telecom company control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted media assets.

  • Half of Republicans would reject election result if Clinton wins: Reuters/Ipsos

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Donald Trump has repeatedly called this year's presidential election rigged and has coyly said "I will keep you in suspense” on whether he would accept a Hillary Clinton victory, but many Republicans are less circumspect, according to a new poll.

  • Cyber attacks disrupt PayPal, Twitter, other sites

    (Reuters) - Cyber attacks targeting a little known internet infrastructure company, Dyn, disrupted access to dozens of websites on Friday, preventing some users from accessing PayPal, Twitter and Spotify.

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